There are 3 methods to see the status of device connectivity:

  1. Use the mobile app
  2. Observe the device Status light flashes
  3. Check your application dashboard for new sensor data

1. Download Zenseio app into your smartphone

iPhone app link:

Android app link:

Once you power on the device and wait till the lights stop flashing after a minute or two, open the app and press the "Read" button. Tap on the center of the front cover of the device (like paying with Apple Pay). Once you hear a buzz, press the "Status" button. Scroll to the bottom on the screen to see the connection status. 

2. Once you power on the device, observe the Status light inside. They indicate the initialization and connection progress. In general, all green flashes means a good progress. If you see the red flashes at the very end. Press the User button at the bottom inside of the device, to try connecting again.

3. When the device connects for the first time it will read the connected sensors and send that data, along with vital heartbeat information to the application of your choice (this has to be provisioned by Zenseio beforehand). If you are seeing fresh data appearing in your application a few minutes after power on (or User button press), this indicates everything is working correctly. 

Note: please do not power down the device while the light flashes - just wait after it had stopped flashing for at least a minute.