1. Check the GPIx  mode setting for the GPI input the switch is connected to. To check it, download ZenConfig mobile app for iPhone or Android phone. (App instructions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdlzatrtc7yyvjx/Zenseio%20Mobile%20App%20User%20Guide%20V2p1.pdf?dl=0)
  2. As long as you have a pressure switch connected between GPIx and GND, any activation of the switch should trigger an alert message to your web application. One way to test this without an irrigation event is to use a piece of wire to short GPIx to GND. You should then see the station wake up and start flashing green LED, indicating that it is transmitting. Afterwards, you should see the alert message on the Zenseio ticker dashboard. In your web application, you may need to set appropriate configuration to see the pressure switch activity. 
  3. Ensure the pressure set point on the pressure switch is set correctly to only trigger when the water pressure raises to the expected level. (It's best to set it mid way between the PSI when the irrigation system is ON and OFF, to avoid any false triggers when there some pressure fluctuation in the system.)